Seminal study launched at Houses of Parliament

MAMMALcreate director Lesley Hill, brought design flair to a ground-breaking four year study into equine welfare.

On Tuesday 14 July 2016, Lesley joined the top academic team from the University of Bristol and equine organisations in Westminster to launch Horses In Our Hands.

The research was funded by World Horse Welfare and was carried out by researchers at the University of Bristol.

World Horse Welfare chief executive, Roly Owers, said “This report has been a seminal work. This is the first time this type of work has ever been done.” he added, “This research report provides a vital insight to the UK’s equine sector, mapping out the welfare landscape from a wide range of sector experts and stakeholders…this research will provide a valuable guide to help in driving the focus of our educational initiatives and resources over the next few years.”

Dr Siobhan Mullan, Research Fellow in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law at the University of Bristol and one of the report’s authors, said:

“This research has also identified how equine welfare can be improved, by addressing both the priority challenges, and a wider set of industry and horse-based needs.”

The clarity of the MAMMALcreate design will help promote this work to the widest possible audience.